Humble Beginnings: who is @eplisio?
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Humble Beginnings: who is @eplisio?

So the date is June the 7th, 2021 and this is where I start my blogging journey.

How do I start?

Well quite simple. Let me give you an overview of where I've been.
The past few months I created a few web projects with the sole purpose to solve issues. Or at least to get things out there and get confident building and launching web apps., the infinite promotion board

A place for Endless self-promotion! That's the goal anyway :p

This was my first project I started around March of 2021. I wanted to create a place where indiehackers, content creators and streamers could promote their creations and products without hard limits.

The catch was that there were only 20 spots per week on the board. But as it stands now that seems to be sufficient. There's a 'like' functionality that allows people to like their favourites. It also allows creators to push their products to the leaderboard. But they have to spend a little time on the site and click away.

Simple idea and execution., the promotion network

An advertising network to spread new product awareness.

As I was building I felt that there was something missing. It didn't have the reach it deserved. So that's why I wanted to create something that could fill that void. So I created a server that could serve plugs and ads to other websites.

But like everything, things are harder than they seem. Building an ad network is hard work. Mainly because people are very reluctant to put ads on their websites.

I think the rise of ad-blockers should've been an indication that this wasn't a really viable idea. But I'm not going to give that up just yet. Just need a new angle of attack., the url shortener

A URL shortener that will get an api and statistics center.

While I was building (there seems to be a theme here) I felt like the links I was creating for the plugs/ads served by the server were getting overly long. So I created a url shortener to fix this issue.

As a result of the process I thought it could be helpful for other devs or individuals to use a fast url shortener. As a result we have

The goal is to continue development and add a UI that allows people to create and manage links, check the statistics on them and use the api in their creations. But for now it's a simple landing page with straight forward functionality., the web design agency

Landing page of
It's my web design and development agency. It's how I pay my bills.

This is my web design agency. My partner and I design and build websites for businesses. We focus on what the client's business needs and communicate this to the best of our abilities.

The results are websites ranging from simple static HTML/CSS pages to semi- web apps. Additional services lie in the creation of pure front end designs for websites, web app or native apps, and certain graphic design services. But as time progresses we move away from these services.

So what can you expect? What's next?

Well for the foreseeable I'll keep creating micro-startups that fix niche problems. These might be problems of my own or audience-driven problems. Of course I'll keep building my other web apps to deliver more value. But the focus should be creating profitable (micro-)businesses, not just fun websites. Daddy needs to eat!

I have a few posts brewing for the coming days and weeks. One of them will further detail the plan I am building. All I can say right now is that I take inspiration from the famous @levelsio and his 12 startups in 12 months.

The concept is a daunting one, yet totally doable. But it might be too much of a rip-off. So I might have to tinker with this idea.

Hope to see you soon in the next post.