About @eplisio


My name is Benjamin Eplis or @eplisio and welcome to my blog. ‌‌This is the place where I will be sharing my entrepreneurial adventures, my views and opinions. Feel free to find me on the social platforms where I reside. ‌‌
FYI: Twitter is the main channel.

So who am I?

Now you might ask yourself why the need to do all of this under a pseudonym. "Why @eplisio ? He must've got something to hide." ‌‌Well maybe you are right. I keep things to myself because I don't need everyone knowing all the deeper details of my life. And so should you. There's nothing really interesting about me, or anyone for that matter. We are all just humans.

But what I am willing to share is the following background information:‌‌

I am a person, a man specifically. Not that that really matters. I speak two languages natively, Dutch and English. I am attracted to mathematics, sketching, philosophy, autodidactism and creation in general.
During my college years, I studied Industrial Product Development and Design and obtained my MSc. in this. After this I studied Mathematics for a year, only to drop out to full-time pursue my entrepreneurial dream. One day I hope to complete this path and become an active participant of that community.

What do I do?

Well as I stated before I am an entrepreneur. Or at least I am a indiemaker/hacker. I create things with code. And this is what the blog will be about:
My journey as an indiemaker creating code based businesses.

If that sounds like something you'd love to see and read, I welcome you to follow along. You can follow me here or on Twitter: @eplisio.
If you pass by, say hi!